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Photography & Media Release

The undersigned authorizes NVS Synchro to permit photographers/videographers employed or designated by NVS Synchro to take photographs and/or film/video footage of and to obtain quotations and information from the undersigned.

Such photographs, film/video footage and recorded comments may be used for educational purposes, publications and/or broadcasts which may include but not limited to the following: newspapers, radio, television, staff newsletters, photographic displays, and publicly distributed publications such as annual reports, external newsletters, news releases, pamphlets, brochures, websites, flyers and promotional publications and the undersigned shall be entitled to no compensation as a result of such use from NVS Synchro.

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Club Dues

The season runs from September through June. 

  • New swimmers receive a discounted rate of $75 during the month of September, while the swimmer and their family try synchro.  At the end of the trial period, the swimmer will be assigned a level and the family will indicate, if they wish to continue.
  • Returning swimmers should sign-up for the previous season's level or as instructed by their coach. The coaches will make final placements in the beginning of October. If your swimmer moves up a level, then billing will be adjusted. 
  • There are two payment options:
    A) In installments over the first 5 months of the season.
    B) In full at the beginning of the season with a five percent discount.
  • At check-out, if you're paying via check, then disregard the 3% PayPal fee (tax). 

If you have chosen to pay by check , please submit check payments to: 
NoVa Synchro, Inc.
P.O. Box 5712
Arlington, VA 22205

If you opt to pay via PayPal, please send payments to nvstreasurer@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your dues payment.

Payment Method: