Coach Kalina Yordanova – Former Head and Novice Coach

Coach Kalina was a part of NoVa Synchro for two seasons from 2016-2018. She graduated from the National Sport Academy - Sofia with a major in synchronized swimming.  Her love of the sport and experiences in teamwork drives her coaching.  Kalina loved choreography for all ages and ability levels. For many years, she helped her coach write routines including for her own competitions. Her strongest coaching skills are her technical knowledge, communication and skill improvement.
Kalina's achievements include:
  • 1998 - Olympic games for Seniors 9th place in Team and 19th place in duet
  • 2001 - EP for seniors in Kharkov Ukraine 13th place in solo and 12th place in duet
  • 2002 - EP for seniors in Moscow Russia 12th place in solo and 10th place in duet
  • 2003 - Tournament in Loano Italy for seniors 14th place in duet and 11th place in solo
  • 2004 - Tournament in Bonn Germany for women 14th place in duet
  • 2006 - EP in Budapest Hungary for women 13th place in solo and 18th place in duet
  • 2007 - European Cup in Roma Italy for women 11th place in solo and 27th place in duet
  • 2008 - EP in Einthoven Holland 24th place in duet and 15th place in duet
  • 2009 - World Championship for women 16th place in solo and 24th place in duet
  • 2010 - EU in Budapest Hungary for women 10th place in solo and 14th place in duet
  • 2011 - World Championship Shanghai China for women 19th place in solo and 28th place in duet
  • 2012- Olympic qualifications in London England take 28th place in duet
  • 2012 – EP in Einthoven Holland – 11th place in solo and 13th place in duet
  • 2013 – World Championship for women 23th place in solo 27th place in duet
  • 2014- European Championship for women in Berlin - 13th place in solo