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We Hereby pledge to honor and support Nova Synchro by adhering to the team’s Athlete and Parent’s Pledge in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations as stipulated on the most current Nova Synchro Handbook.

➢We understand the NVS volunteer hour structure and will meet our volunteer hour requirement. In the event an athlete's family does not earn sufficient service hours by the deadline or the guardian is unable to volunteer; additional services hours must be purchased for $20/service hour.

➢We have read and understand the Athlete and parent code of conduct and pledge to honor and support NVS Synchro by adhering to all the parameters outlined in the NVS handbook.

➢We understand and will fully comply with the practice commitment

➢We understand and will fully comply with the Meet and Travel commitment

➢Uniforms: We agree to purchase any mandatory uniforms, bathing suits, equipment etc. as required by the Club. All fees (club and meet) and travel costs must be paid on time or your swimmer may not be allowed to participate in practice or competitions until outstanding balances are cleared. I understand that my synchro fee is non-refundable. All additional relevant forms must be handed in complete.

➢Extra Practice: We understand that, at the coach’s discretion, in consultation with parents, and with sufficient notice, athletes may be expected to train during long weekends, over Christmas and March Break, and any other time as deemed needed by the coach.

➢ We will set an example for any child by Honoring the sport, respecting ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self). If we disagree with an official’s call, we will Honor the sport and be silent.

➢ We will use a Self-Control Routine to avoid losing our composure if we grow frustrated. We will take a deep breath, turn away to refocus.

➢ We will refrain from negative comments about any NVS Synchro Coach in my child’s presence so that I do not negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience. We will commit to the same standard towards parents and their children.

➢ We will be as prompt as possible dropping our child off and picking our child up from practice and events.

➢ We will engage in No-Direction Cheering, limiting our comments during the game to encouraging our child and other athletes.

➢We will participate in club cheers and support all athletes at every event.

➢ We will support and motivate NVS Sycnhro Coaching Staff.

➢ We will wear club attire at all NVS Synchro events and competitions.

2019-2020 Athlete and Parent’s Pledge

We have read and understand the NVS Handbook, the above Athlete’s and Parent’s Pledge statements and agree to conduct to ourselves in a manner consistent with each.

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