Code of Conduct

All NVS swimmers, parents, and coaches are governed by the NVS Code of Conduct. Each swimmer and parent is required to read, acknowledge, and agree to the NVS Code of Conduct outlining all expectations and rules.

NVS swimmers will:

  • Swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled training and give their best effort at all times. When possible, if the swimmer is not well enough to participate, they are expected to attend and watch.
  • Treat each other, coaches, parents and other teams with respect at all times.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times including practice, meets, travel, locker rooms, and socials.
  • Use appropriate language and refrain from using disparaging, denigrating, derogatory remarks or curse words.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship including cheering for and encouraging their teammates; being courteous and gracious to our competitors.
  • Not take part in any activity to embarrass yourself, teammates, parents or coaches.
  • Be on time to all practices and competitions.
  • Be on deck with all required equipment and suits ready to start practice or a competition at the designated time.
  • Remain at the pool site during the designated time. Parents may not take athletes from a practice or completion without approval from the head coach.
  • Follow all rules set by their coach, chaperone, or the host team at a completion. In particular, keep food in the designated areas.
  • Not de-gel at any pool facility unless given permission in advance.
  • Refrain from using electronic devices unless given permission by their coach and/or chaperone.
  • Notify their coach of any absence for a mandatory school event, SAT/ACT test, religious function or family event at least two weeks in advance via email and copy
  • Notify their coach via email with a copy to in addition to a text as soon as possible, if they become ill or there is a family emergency. Do not notify coaches by asking another swimmer to say they will be absent.
  • Plan ahead by managing and balancing their school work. Homework should not be used as an excuse to miss practice. Concerns should be discussed with their coach in advance.
  • When at competitions, abide by the rules of conduct as described in the Nova Synchro Handbook for Parents and Swimmers
  • Behave as a goodwill ambassador of the Nova Synchro Club whenever participating in competitions or representing Nova Synchro.

I have read and understand the NVS Code of Conduct and agree to abide by all the expectations and guidance. If I fail to follow the Code of Conduct, I understand it may result in corrective action, including possibly being asked to leave team.
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NVS parents will:

  • Ensure contact and health information remains current by providing updates as soon as possible.
  • Treat parents, swimmers, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect at all times.
  • Encourage discipline in the swimmer by ensuring punctuality and attendance for all practices and competitions. Ensure prompt arrival to practices. Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes prior to practice to begin stretching.
  • Ensure their swimmer is picked up inside within 10 minutes of the end of practices. Swimmers should not be waiting outside aquatics centers.
  • Notify the Coach by telephone, text message or email as soon as possible if the swimmer must miss a training session, event during a competition or required team activity due to illness or injury. It is understood that more than two unexcused absences for any activity within a one-month period may lead to disciplinary action.
  • Endeavor to encourage team commitment in the swimmer by scheduling vacations so as not to interfere with regular training or prior to the competition season. Should the swimmer be absent for an extended period, it will be at the discretion of the Coach and Head Coach whether the swimmer will continue as an active member of the team or swim as an alternate.
  • Respect the protocol of communication outlined in the NVS Handbook by communicating with the Coach regarding any concerns at an appropriate time outside of training sessions and competition. Not approach coaches during practices or competitions unless there is an emergency. Please send an email to the coach to set-up a meeting, if you have a concern.
    1. Refrain from entering the pool deck during training unless entrusted with a specific task or role approved by the Head Coach, or in the case of a competition, be approved by the Competition Manager or Chief Referee.
    2. Reinforce the club's drug and alcohol free policies with the swimmer.
    3. Ensure the swimmer is provided with a healthy and nutritious diet and encourage the swimmer to make healthy snack choices at all times.
    4. Provide the swimmer with a water bottle and encourage the swimmer to drink sufficient water throughout the day and during training and at competitions.
    5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship by appreciating efforts made by other swimmers in the club and by swimmers from other clubs.
    6. Comply at all times with the Rules of Association of the club, as well as the policies as adopted and amended by the NVS Club board of directors.
    7. Act as a goodwill ambassador of the Nova Synchro Synchronized Swimming Club whenever participating in club activities including executive meetings, special events, and competitions or when representing the Club in the community.
    8. Understand that a disciplinary process may be initiated by any member of the club (swimmer, parent or coach) through a formal complaint in writing addressed to the Club board of directors and the Head Coach. The formal complaint must be dated, provide the particulars of the incident(s) with the date(s) of the alleged incident, and signed.
    9. The Board will establish a discipline committee that will include the President and three (3) other members of the Executive and the Head Coach. A decision shall be made by majority vote. Understand that failing to abide by this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action as determined by the discipline committee.
    10. Shall not bring the club or team members into disrepute by use of any form of social media.

      Travel (Age Group)

      I grant permission for my child to travel unaccompanied by a parent or guardian with NoVa Synchro coaches and approved chaperones to competitions and clinics at sites other than designated team pools during the 2019-2020 season. The coaches or approved chaperones have the authority to see that my child has medical, dental or vision attention as needed. The swimmer's parents or guardians will pay all resulting expenses.

      I have read and understand the NVS Code of Conduct and travel permission and agree to abide by all the expectations and guidance. If I fail to follow the Code of Conduct, I understand it may result in corrective action, including possibly being asked to leave team.

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