Team Captain

Perhaps one of the highest positions of honor is being selected as team captain for NVS. This position comes with a great deal of responsibility and requires that the selected athlete to be a positive influence to teammates on-and-off the pool, at all extracurricular school and non-school activities, and in the local community

The first and most crucial part of being a team captain is encouragement. The team captain has to motivate all teammates, regardless of their category or experience. Has to find ways to bring out the best in those around and this is normally done by bringing constructive criticism but mostly by motivating fellow competitors even when they do not believe in themselves.

The team captain is expected to lead the team and provide support. Being a team captain requires becoming a pivotal leader who drives the team by setting a positive example. Lastly, a team captain should be a good example of sportsmanship in relation to other teams.

The Team Captain for the season will be voted by the age group and senior athletes and will represent the athlete’s voice to the board of director’s and with the coaches.

Season 2019-2020 NVS Team Captain:

Ullia Ann