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NoVa Synchro’s Novice Group is for athletes who have limited experience with synchronized swimming before but are eager to learn this captivating Olympic sport. Athletes in the Novice Group practice twice a week.

2015-2016 Novice Team
2015-2016 Novice Team

NoVa Synchro’s Intermediate Group is for athletes who have mastered basic synchronized swimming skills and techniques, as well as some new athletes with a strong background in swimming, dance, or gymnastics. Intermediate group athletes practice three times per week and compete at the local and regional level. 

2015-2016 Intermediate Team
2015-2016 Intermediate Team
NoVa Synchro’s Age Group Team is for the athletes who have mastered advanced skills and are interested in competing at the local, regional, zone, and national level. Our age group teams routinely win competitions at the local and regional level and perform well at the national level. Athletes practice three times per week with individualized in-water coaching from our experienced coaching staff.
2015-2016 Age Group Team
2015-2016 Age Group 13-15 Team

NoVa Synchro's Senior Team is for the most advanced athletes on our team. The athletes at this level are committed to achieving  at a very high level in the sport, and routinely qualify for and place highly at national and international competitions. Athletes practice three times per week and work collaboratively with our coaching staff to hone their technical skills and create excellent routines for competitions around the country.

2015-2016 Age Group 16-18  Team
2015-2016 Age Group 16-18 Team

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