About NVS

Why choose NoVa Synchro?

Culture: NoVa Synchro is truly set apart by its warm, accepting atmosphere. The team is very welcoming of new swimmers and supportive as athletes progress. The team is small enough that each swimmer is known by name. The coaches are exceptional and drive the positive culture, ensuring an atmosphere that is both appropriately serious and fun.

Team Orientation: NoVa Synchro focuses on the team element of the sport. Much emphasis is placed on duets and larger team routines fostering a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie. At NoVa Synchro, athletes learn what it is to be part of a team.

Mentoring: There is a heavy emphasis, both organically and formally, on mentoring. Older swimmers will encourage, support, and mentor younger swimmers both in and out of the pool. More junior members will sometimes practice in close proximity to the more senior members and have the chance to engage with eachother – even learning/teaching a move or two! Historically, NoVa Synchro has also offered a matching program to help novices become more acclimated and comfortable.

Opportunity: Our more senior, competitive athletes enjoy qualifying for the Junior Olympics and other national competitions each year. They have the opportunity to travel as a team, and to experience the thrill and confidence boost that accompany such independent and unique pursuits. We also prioritize regional and local (and even virtual!) competitions for our younger swimmers to give them the experience of competing as a team and even placing for medals. As swimmers advance, there can also be opportunities to coach and participate in paid performances, as well.