Parent Involvement

NoVa Synchro is a parent-led organization that relies on the involvement of each of its families to operate successfully.

It is required that each family commit to supporting the team through a myriad of opportunities that range from ”Suit Closet Manager” and “Swim Meet Announcer” to ad-hoc Thank You note writing and t-shirt coordination. The variety of types of commitments allow for our Co-op style model to run smoothly, and to keep costs down for all swimmers. Of course, we find that the more involved one becomes, the greater the benefit to that swimmer and family. Roles sign-ups typically occur at the beginning of the swim season so families can plan accordingly. Sign up early to receive a role that best fits your preferences!

The volunteer Board of Directors consists of elected parents in the roles of President, Vice President for Memberships, Vice President for Pools, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections are held annually.
In terms of communication, parent meetings are held regularly and email Newsletters are sent out weekly during the year.